Editor, Katy Comber, is the co-founder of Creative Light Factory–a nonprofit 501(c)3 writers room and literary center.

Affinity CoLab–when what began as a resolution to “write more” turned into an online zine and open mic event.

Affinity CoLab started as weekly creative prompt system with deadlines to help keep writer, Katy Comber, accountable and WRITING. 

Every week, she challenged herself to create something new, and invited her creative friends to be her community. The results were AMAZING. Katy would post a new prompt and she and her friends would create for the sake of creating. The easiest way to share this work was in the form of a blog. And the Affinity CoLab, a group of creative people with a passion for collaboration and accountability, was formed.

Now, Affinity CoLab has grown into an online zine and a monthly Story Slam/Poetry Jam at the infamous Steel City Coffeehouse.

The main goal of Affinity CoLab is to inspire, connect, and create a space for artists and writers to share their work without paying submission fees, dealing with politics, or writing cover letters/the dreaded artist statement. We let the work speak for itself. We do not own the work submitted to us. We will take down work if an artist wants to publish in a different forum. This is the place to work. To do. To create. Please join us.

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